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Not since the Gutenberg press has the art of design been impacted so much as with the introduction of the World Wide Web. From illustrative representation to durable reproduction, and now to iterative design-development strategies, it is design that has made the use of each of these medium viable. The introduction of methods of interactive iterative communication, much like trying to tame a lion, has provided a great design challenge for visual communications professionals. At the same time, this new medium has provided designers with the opportunity to explore even further into design’s significance as methods of Human interface expand into every aspect and characteristic of our lives.

In this age of iteration, design strategies must be flexible and adapt to ever changing circumstances. It is a merging of disciplines.

advertising DESIGN

Now no longer limited to print-related solutions, advertising design now has everything to do with having a clear comprehension of the opportunities and limitations represented by each available medium of display. Now, in this multi-faceted and somewhat fractured promotional marketplace, it is more than ever the responsibility of the designer to formulate multi-platform solutions. When it comes to effectively capturing, communicating, and reinforcing your message, the upside is that every digital advance brings increased, and more colorful, call-to-action opportunities.

Where advertising once relied on impressionable graphics, clear and succinct messaging, and repetition, repetition, repetition. Now, with the enhanced opportunity for interactivity, however, advertising strategies must learn to straddle both static and interactive media with clear and cross-supportive initiatives.

Logos and Icons

What is the value of your mark. It turns out, everything. Great brands are built upon their ability to build enduring recognition, and the value of a firm is identified with their identity representation. Logos and marks are, therefore, at the top of the list when building a recognizable brand. One’s mark, therefore, must be designed to communicate specific marketplace advantages to their customer base, and it is by applying these marks that a brand’s reputation is standardized. This is a big responsibility to put on such a little thing.

But stand up to rigors they do—at least the good and supported marks—those marks that communicate strength or stimulate other positive emotive response; those marks that convey information and establish relationships; those marks that speak, literally, for themselves. While it may sound simplistic, an effective mark must establish a character, or personality, that the organization’s customers can relate to. The goal is always to become as familiar as family. The goal is to relate.


Given that it is now so easily to communicate your message in full and amazing color, why then would a designer be so fascinated by a medium that embodies such stringent requirements for quality reproduction. Perhaps it is because low quality reproduction is so difficult to design for… the challenge presented by the inefficiencies within the medium. Perhaps is is just because designing for screen printing requires close attention to reproduction basics. Perhaps success in the face of difficulty is worth more in some way. Perhaps that is why we also take on huge complicated projects. For a designer, once the concept goes through formulations, review and iterations, and then becomes tangible, that moment always brings great satisfaction. Every project, every time.

If we were to think about it long enough, we may have to come to the conclusion that McLuhan’s predictions have finally come true. Clearly, no one can argue against the premise that “the medium influences how the message is perceived.” That premise is now more true than ever.

First impressions are important, but creating a positive and lasting impression requires planning and forethought. At BRIGHTIDEADESIGN, we know how valuable your image is, and we commitment to bringing you innovative ideas and quality reproduction.


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