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ESSAY: Make your BRIGHT IDEA shine

MJ Maxam
December 22, 2017

Design: From Basics to Brilliance...

Rich text elements allow you to create and format headings. This detail describes the difference between wanting to do something and being able to do something. The best designs resolve tension between media and medium.

Static and dynamic content brings focus and engagement. Well designed, the proper use of visual cues, interactivity, and User-based functions can make a design "sticky". Intuitive visual cues allow for ease of access and use, and direct user interaction.

Eyes adjust to the light. When designing for human consumption, designing "easy on the eyes" means providing the eye with a clearly discernible and navigable structure — whether for print or Web.

It is helpful to understand that there are things you just can't do. But it is around those edges that one finds the firmament upon which one can stand.

Testing the limits of your technology and software; preparing the canvas and the brushes; picking colors; exploring whether that ink will print on laminated burlap!!! Ultimately, when the message is explored and guidelines developed; priorities determined and medium decided, structural limitations inform a design process in search of solutions that will achieve the highest degree of communication and transactional facilitation.

There is such a thing as an environment for design

People still like things they can touch. This includes taps and clicks on a digital screen. There are three design environments, digital, print and 3D. All are tactile. All three can be interactive or aesthetic. Good designers grasp the functional and aesthetic requirements defined within the design synopsis and translates those goals into effective vehicles of communication.

One environment is: Method & Medium. With every marketing effort, there is always an impression that you are seeking to convey — an experience that will stimulate recognition, acceptance... or provide a call to action. These are the parameters within which you can explore. What guides one is the intended reader or Visitor response.

When we chose screen printing on corrugated plastic for a project, we found one vendor who agreed to sponsor production in return for visibility. Well, our client insisted on a bland design that didn't fully show off the vendors 4-color capability. We responded by pushing their capabilities on the next job, but that was a wasted opportunity....

The second environment is: Sit, Stand and Walk around. This environment is in your study, or riding a bike around the neighborhood. It is more about a sense of place as opposed to a certain place. Whether on your computer or sketchpad or tablet or potting wheel, a mind that is exploring is a productive work environment.

Now it's time to bring your inspiration into vision

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled perfectly, but without vision, design fails. The mind is a wonderful tool, with myriad ideas and options... possibilities and challenges entertained... thoughts that are attempted, accepted and rejected. If there is anything one can say to ensure design success, it is don't be afraid to throw an idea away.

It has been said there is no such thing as a bad idea, yet some ideas are candidly better than others...

Much of the creative process is trial and error. In other words, it never hurts to check out another Photoshop filter. In discovery lies the true secret to creativity. In discovery aesthetic design is formed. BRIGHTIDEADESIGN has developed advanced skills managing complex projects and bringing them into light. Whether into the light of day, as on something printed, or powered by the light behind the screen, we can help your project shine.


BRIGHTIDEADESIGN has it's foundation deep in the roots of fundamental communication. Whether it is understanding the graphic styling represented in Soviet-era posters or street-art; or, keeping current in the latest trends on "the Interwebs", we delight in understanding the methods of effective communication and putting this knowledge to work preparing your message... and generating the interest you are seeking.

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MJ Maxam

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