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what's in a cover

Commercial creation is always a collaborative effort. Iterations are the norm. Inspiration comes in the way of drawings on napkins, pencil sketches, visual collections and images. It is the job of the cover designer to absorb those inspirations and marry them to the narration provided by the purpose, storyline, and commercial objective.

Covers, whether for books, catalogs or annual reports need to create anticipation and convey, as parents boasting about their children, the wonders of the information, entertainment, or escape that follow.

Like Michelangelo's marble, the essence is contained within.

Michelangelo claimed that his David statue resided within the raw marble, and what was left for him was to chip away the rest. At the risk of sounding cliché, the essence of any truly good design absolutely comes from within. Yet, it is only with clear communication between the content creator and the designer that the viewer can be drawn in, to take a look... to pick it up and see what’s inside.

It is the collaboration between your inspired creation and our ability to interpret and communicate the core attributes of your product or service that will result in a product message that attracts attention, sells your message, and closes on your pitch.


So, how do you get someone to read your publication? While a cover stands as an introduction and graphic “tease,” back cover design provides the opportunity for the author or publisher to expand their message and highlight publication contents.

Interior design is tasked with the aesthetic presentation of the materials presented. Simply stated, it is the specific responsibility of the content designer to enhance readability and comprehension. Ultimately, the aesthetic relationships between content and it’s graphic representation must conform to the communications goals set by the creator, but it is up to the designer to create the connection. It is within the collaboration between the creator, designer, and audience that the craft and presentation necessary for effective communication derives.

INSPIRATION arrives IN MANY guises

Whether by sketch, outline, or notes, inspiration can be captured in so many ways.

It is the objective of the designer to interpret the author or Art Director’s intent, and to transform that guidance into a graphic presentation for use digitally or in print.

Some design tasks are tightly defined, with fonts, colors and illustrations pre-determined. Some projects come with Design Guides. There are other projects that, while less specific in their guidance, are yet guided by the project’s communications objectives.

An effective designer, therefore, will analyze input; determine solutions that maximize the designs ability to attract and hold attention; create and satisfy curiosity; and, achieve the ultimate goal of effective communication. The Medium must provide the Message.

When and where inspiration “strikes” is often just as stunning as the term suggests. Yet every designer knows that the only path to that “eureka moment” is by preparing and initiating the journey. It is through progress and awareness that inspiration is discovered, and no designer can claim to know how and when inspiration will arrive.

Specialty Publishing

Print publishing as a method of information delivery had no rival, that is, until the adoption of the Internet. That part is easy. The hard part has been to form an informed understanding of those areas within the communication’s spectrum where print continues to hold advantages over it’s erstwhile competitor.

Where Web publishing offers many features, print offers a type of personality, portability, accessibility, durability, and functionality. Yes, I said functionality, as print can not only be easily and durably filed and retrieved, printed materials can: provide readily available reference; stimulate knowledge; and reinforce action. Print can be waterproofed and configured into convenient self-folding maps, for a fun example.  Suffice it to say that we specialize in large and complex projects, and commit to work diligently, and create documents designed to attract, inform, and persuade. We can help you make your case... or close the sale!


The Uptown Gazette project was a reaction to the events of 9/11. A series of theme-based magazines, at times, the Uptown Gazette resembled a holiday magazine, a cultural literary journal, an entertainment guidebook, and even youth-oriented zines. It promoted an area in Minneapolis Minnesota called “Uptown”, and these “theme-zines” addressed and promoted local area activities and highlights.

The scope and range of the themes allowed for vast design exploration in relation to ad and editorial design. We explored layouts that were neighborly, classic, edgy and nouveau in a series of colorful magazine format publications. Maps and directories were integrated into the publications, along with reviews, editorializing, interviews, and satire. If there was something going on in Uptown, we covered it—as we pushed low-cost 4-color web printing to the limits.

Collateral and Direct MAil

Among the methods of basic business communication, from Video Conferencing to email to DM to notes on a phone pad, there are yet many benefit from tangible representation. Business function continues to require business cards and letterhead; receipts and invoices; brochures and sell sheets; direct mail and other printed literature.

From business manuals to glossy catalogs, print publications will remain a vital part of business management. As the clarion call of “Print is Dead” went out across the land, print silently carved deeper those niche areas where print carries distinct and valuable advantages. As aspirations for a paperless office have moved forward, and while many office functions do require less paper, many simple advantages of paper persist.

Image equals reputation, and style sheets can be developed to maintain consistency. First impression is important, but creating a positive lasting impression requires planning and forethought. At BRIGHTIDEADESIGN, we know how valuable your image is, and we commitment to bringing you innovative ideas and quality reproduction.

Image equals reputation, and style sheets can be developed to maintain consistency. First impression is important, but creating a positive lasting impression requires planning and forethought. At BRIGHTIDEADESIGN, we know how valuable your image is, and we commitment to bringing you innovative ideas and quality reproduction.


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